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We took a family trip to Newport, Oregon, a few weeks ago to escape the heat of the city.  We left behind hot and dry temperatures and found cool and damp weather on the coast.

curious george birthday


Although his birthday isn’t for a few more months, I’ve been thinking about how to celebrate.  We were in the middle of moving last year (above), so we just had a small family gathering and decorated the living room.  He had told me that he wanted a birthday “like Curious George”, and I did my best.

Dining table


Just before Christmas we started building a new dining table.  We are but three in our family, but my husband’s parents and brother and his family live quite close.  So close, in fact, that I could definitely throw a ball into my in-laws’ backyard and probably roll a ball to my brother-in-law’s front yard.  We get together for meals at least once a week, and we needed a table that can seat at least nine people.

Inspired by Astrid and her table, we set out to make our own.  We used maple boards from a specialty wood shop and some hairpin legs we bought online.  We borrowed some tools, like large clamps and a rail saw, from our neighborhood tool library and friends and neighbors.  The boards are connected with wood glue and dowels and the boards on the underside provide a little more stability.  The table measures 4’x8′ (122cm x 144cm) and can seat ten very comfortably and twelve if we need to.

It wasn’t cheap to make a table this large using maple boards, but it was much, much cheaper than it would have been to buy a table of the same size.  We’re pretty happy with it and look forward to many, many meals and celebrations around it.