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Shooting film

I find shooting film to be tricky.  If I’m pleased or displeased with the results, I wonder, Was it the film?  Was it the camera I used?  Was it just the lighting at that time and place?  Because I use several different cameras and experiment with several different types of film, I’m never sure.  I’d […]

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everyday life on film

I just picked up a couple of rolls of film I shot over the last three months.  Toys lost under the couch (and retrieved), some writing, some quiet breakfasts, some nights out with my husband, and some flowers.  Life is still good. Things I have been enjoying recently: vacations with family fresh vegetables and summer […]

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I shoot film

I like to shoot film sometimes, even if I have to wait a couple of days to get it back from the shop, and even if my shots don’t always turnout the way I think they will.  I have several analog cameras, and I usually have a roll of film in one of them at […]

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