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Escape from Winter



At the end of February our family escaped the Portland winter and headed west to Maui.  It was warm and sunny and exactly what we needed.  We explored beaches, went on a snorkel trip, visited the aquarium, walked around town and took naps.  It was wonderful.

The first three photos were taken with my Canon Rebel G and shot on Fujifilm S400.

Winter 2012-2013: Part II

Winter brought snow, cozy brunches and dinners, chilly walks through the neighborhood, the building of our new house (!!), and an escape to warmer weather.

While I haven’t been writing in this space at all this year, I have been posting a photo a day over on flickr; you can find all of my “look down 365” photos here.

Winter 2012-13: Part I

Brunch with family, chilly walks in the frosty air, the low sun, fresh bread, a gift of sunshine in a box, golden light, and baking.  Winter has been wonderful so far.

Happy new year!

Delphine - Happy New Year! I got your nice card :)
I hope your 2013 is wonder-full :)

At home

Spending a lot of time thinking about home and being at home.  Kitchens, house plans, light, and storage.  The best way to use space and light and still make a house feel warm and welcoming.  I love design.

Delphine - life is good <3

Fall so far

The temperature really dropped this week but along with the drop in degrees came a whole lot of sunshine.  Fall is really beautiful here in Portland.  The light changes, the air changes, and the activities change.  Fewer picnics in the park but more dinners at home with friends and family.  I love this time of year.

undermytree - i always love your photos!
and i just feel to send you a big *hug* :)

Delphine - do you ride your bike a lot? :)

nikki - thanks for the hug, annina!

delphine: yep, i do!