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Summer 2012 on B&W Film

I got this roll back last week, but I initially I didn’t like the way any of the shots looked.  I missed the color!  After letting them sit for a week, though, I’ve decided that I like them.

Canon AE-1 Program 28mmf/2.8, Kodak 400TX.


Shot last spring.  Canon Rebel G, Kodak Ektar 100.  I tried shooting a roll of B&W recently; I’ll get the results back next week.  I love color film but we’ll see how the B&W experiment goes.

Astrid - Lovely to see you blogging again! Love your shoes!

Are you sure this is Ektar? Because Ektar is not slide film. Beautiful photos anyway :-)

nikki - whoops! good catch, astrid. ;-)

Summer 2012: Part II

More scenes from this summer.

First time to the Oregon coast; Éamonn’s second birthday; so many pizzas (olive, goat cheese, red onion, corn & roasted red pepper has been my favorite); an Indian food picnic at the park; a sunny breakfast; an amazing burger at Toro Bravo; spinach and cheese strata for brunch with friends; and a view of the river along a 12-mile hike.

Delphine - i’m totally in love with your food pictures, and if i was there, i would also be totally in love with your food :D


Shooting film

I find shooting film to be tricky.  If I’m pleased or displeased with the results, I wonder, Was it the film?  Was it the camera I used?  Was it just the lighting at that time and place?  Because I use several different cameras and experiment with several different types of film, I’m never sure.  I’d like to think that I could find the sweet combination of film + camera that would give me the best results every time, but photography doesn’t work that way.  Trial and error and technique.  I’ve got the trial and error part down, but I’m still working on the technique.

We got a new computer recently and I’ve just started using iPhoto to organize my pictures.  I must say, I love it.  It’s a temperamental beast to start with, but now I think I’ve figured it out and love how nice and tidy all of my digital images are.  What’s your method for keeping your photos organized (if at all)?

By the way, all of the images above were shot with a Canon Rebel G + 50mm f/1.8 lens + Kodak Ektar 100.

Delphine - Hi Nikki! I miss you <3
Your blog is so lovely and it’s so nice to see “our” rug being used through generations now; hehehe ;)
Please visit me some day <3