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everyday life on film

I just picked up a couple of rolls of film I shot over the last three months.  Toys lost under the couch (and retrieved), some writing, some quiet breakfasts, some nights out with my husband, and some flowers.  Life is still good.

Things I have been enjoying recently:

  • vacations with family
  • fresh vegetables and summer fruit
  • visits from friends and family
  • daily walks with my son
  • swim lessons with my son

Astrid - It’s been a while! Good to see and hear that your life is good :-)

The great outdoors

Portland is filled with public parks.  On Friday the sun was shining, so we took advantage of the dry weather and went for a hike.  I broke in my new hiking boots; I hope they’ll see a lot of use while we live here.

A new beginning

We’ve traded Los Angeles for Portland, Oregon.  The past few months have been a flurry of packing, preparing, house-selling, house-hunting, and then unpacking.  I love our new neighborhood; we’re in walking distance to just about anything we need, and we’re just minutes from my brother- and sister-in-law and our nephew.  A good trade, I’d say.

undermytree - it sounds and looks lovely, good luck with this new beginning ♥

alia - I’m glad you’re loving your new home!!! What awesome light in your dinning room :D

I love being able to walk everywhere. It’s one of the things I’ll miss when we make our big move.