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It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Since my maternity leave ended this month, I haven’t had time to decorate much for the holidays.  No tree for us this year, just a few candles here and there and some wrapped presents in front of the fireplace.  Brian’s cousin’s family hosted a Christmas party dinner a couple of weeks ago, and their home was a very warm and cozy (or hyggelig, as the Danes might say) backdrop for a lovely feast, which included hot chocolate and dozens and dozens of homemade cookies for dessert!

Sequoia Part II

I bet you thought I was just going to leave you with Part I.

Here are photos from the rest of our walk through part of the Sequoia National Forest and then views from Moro Rock, which was quite a steep hike but rewarded us with fantastic views of the Great Western Divide.

Sequoia Part I

Last weekend our family spent the weekend in Sequoia National Park.  We stayed at the Wuksachi Lodge, a small hotel right in the middle of the park.  Because there were so many helping hands (i.e., grandparents), I was able to take some photos of this lovely park.  There was still snow on the ground from a storm that had passed through earlier in the week, but we had beautiful weather.  It was sunny and crisp and perfect for walking through the forest.  We saw some deer but no bears, which was fine by me!

Delphine - it’s so beautiful! <3


Celebrating Halloween: a flower from a walk around Portland, Oregon; a pirate pumpkin on someone’s porch; Éamonn is ready for the holiday; and a cheesy brunch.

Delphine - I read your entries via netvibes, and I hadn’t seen any for a long time, and today it decided to spit them all to me in one go..!
how was that cheesy brunch? it looks super tasty :D

Astrid - Oh! Now I crave a melted cheese sandwich!