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It’s been foggy the past few mornings when I wake up to feed Éamonn.  You can barely see the trees across the street.  I guess that means that fall has arrived, even though we had record high temperatures just a couple weeks ago.  The sun still shines during the day and we still have to use the air conditioner, but the air smells different.  I love fall.

Delphine - i love this light!

I shoot film

I like to shoot film sometimes, even if I have to wait a couple of days to get it back from the shop, and even if my shots don’t always turnout the way I think they will.  I have several analog cameras, and I usually have a roll of film in one of them at any given time.  These are some film shots I’ve taken recently.

You can read about why I shoot film on hei Astrid.

Camera/lens/film: Canon Rebel G; 50mm f/1.8; Fuji Velvia 50

Astrid - Yay for film!

Delphine - everytime i see the red carpet it never fails to make me smile :D

Maternity leave

Since the birth of my son earlier this summer I’ve been on maternity leave.  I spend my days walking to the coffee shop around the corner, going to the park and having picnics, playing on the living room floor, and eating early dinners.

Astrid - Sounds excellent!


My best friend was married in Seattle last month, so Brian and I took our eight-week-old son on a his first trip. We stayed at a nice hotel and ate good food and walked to the Space Needle. It was our first family trip, and I’m looking forward to more.

You can see the rest of my Seattle photos in this Flickr set.